Mr Dave Peers resides at KKP and is a keen gardener, Photographer, loves history and wild life.


Born in Knysna during the 2nd World War during which my father did active service with the SAAF in the very dangerous role of rear gunner in the Liberator Bombers. (American version of the famous Lancasters)

After the War he worked on a gold mine near Springs in the Transvaal for a number of years before we moved to the then Northern Rhodesia in the early 1950’s.

We soon learned to love the outdoor, sporty and relaxed colonial lifestyle and us four children excelled at aquatic sports such as swimming and diving which were ideal activities in a tropical climate. The towns on the Copperbelt were relatively small and the people who came from SA and the UK were generally very friendly and sociable.


Apart from three years when I attended Rondebosch Boys High in Cape Town. This trip took 96 hours by steam train from Ndola to CT and was hellishly hot and dirty during the summer trip home. I actually  bought a black shirt in desperation as the coal dust was ever present. On arrival at Bulawayo station we would make a beeline for the public baths to get a much needed freshening up!


After working for a Custom’s Clearing and Shipping company for about three years I returned to the RSA just before Zambia got its independence and joined 3M Co (we used to jokingly call it Ministrone Munching and Malfunctioning Co)  in CT as an industrial technical salesman in CT.I remained in Sales and Marketing holding down relatively senior jobs such as Marketing Director of General Chemical Coastal and Wayne Rubber Co.


After having had a Personality Profile Analysis done on me in 1985, however, the results confirmed that I was/am practically unemployable! The company who had done the assessment were looking for a franchisee for Natal at the time so with two daughters at varsity I decided to “take the bull by the balls” and  launch out on my own.


My interests outside of work include the environment (I was Chairman of the Kloof Conservancy for 10 years), indigenous nature friendly gardening, bridge and photography. And of course ,my two daughters and the four grandchildren who sadly like many of us don’t see much of them as they live in the UK.