Jeanne Calment (1875 to 1997) life was 122 years and 164 days. … the best documented record of longevity.

At 85 she took up fencing, at 100 was still riding a bicycle. At 90 she came to an arrangement with a local lawyer through which he, for the concession of eventual ownership, agreed to pay her 2, 500 francs per month until her death. .. he would never have expected her to live for a further 32 years. This in effect meant that he ended up paying her– more than twice the value of the property…

She was never athletic or fanatical about health and fitness She smoked right up until she was 117. Calment ascribed her longevity and youthful looks to olive oil. She rubbed it on her skin, drank it and used it in cooking. She enjoyed port wine and ate almost one kilogram (2.2lbs) of chocolate per week.

Part of her secret was her zest for life.