My hobby and passion is quilting, but never thought too much about the history of this fascinating craft. Quilts date back to long before the European Settlers arrived in the new world.

The quilt was originally a strictly utilitarian article, used primarily for providing warm covers for beds and even used for hanging up against unsealed windows to keep out the cold. Early settlers in America could not afford to discard worn out items so they used to patch the good pieces together and use older or thinner blankets to go between the patchwork layer and another blanket to provide additional warmth.

A quilt is like a sandwich with the top layer usually decorative, a backing and a filler in between. When thinking of the general term “Patchwork” there are three different types of quilts. The plain whole cloth quilt, Applique quilts and pieced or patchwork quilts.

Between 1750 and 1850 thousands of quilts were pieced and patched. A great deal of these treasured heirlooms was preserved and depict the history of quilting and in some case the United States.

Today quilting is still a very popular hobby and a lot of magnificent quilts are created. We also have guilds where people of like mind get to together to share their talents. Quilts are still used to give warmth on our beds, most quilts created these days are decorative and add to the decor of the home. Quilters today are very fortunate with all the accessories and beautiful cotton materials available.