Water skiing at 100 years of age


Frank Shearer, a retired physician from Washington State, water skied at 100 years of age! And this might make him the world’s oldest water-skier. When asked about his remarkable ability, he said “I just ski for fun… and it’s fun out there on a nice day.” Frank also rides horses and has been shown astride a horse on the cover of the National Geographic magazine; in the edition which featured him in an article on longevity.


Frank maintains that his secret to a long and healthy life has to do with the fact that he has remained so active. Shearer said… “I’ve been active all my life, from one sport to the other sport — snow-skiing in the wintertime, water-skiing in the summertime, hunting, and fishing. And, especially in recent years, I’ve been doing some weightlifting regularly.”


On turning 100, his son Doug Shearer, helped to organise a ‘dream-come-true’ birthday holiday trip to Acapulco, in Mexico. He said they had been talking about they could do to celebrate his 100th when the idea came up…” it would be really nice to take him waterskiing. The owner of SkiParadise resort, and skiing enthusiast, Gordon Rathbun, invited the Shearers on an all expenses paid two-week holiday. Another water-skiing enthusiast, who works in corporate aviation, John Disney tracked down a private jet to fly the Shearers to Frank Shearer’s dream destination. They will leave for Acapulco in two weeks. When told about the proposed trip Frank said… “A private jet, to Acapulco … now that would be a lifetime trip … I’ve had a good life… I tell folks now, I’ve made 100 and it’s been a good life. I think I’ll sign up for another 100 years.”