John Savage


I could talk about this man’s achievements in life but that is not what I think is worthy of praise.


What stands out for me regarding this gentleman( and he is a gentleman) was his love, concern and care for his wife. A devoted husband. Whilst his wife was ailing in the Care Centre he would visit her daily and push her up in her wheelchair to his room in the Main House. Although she was unable to communicate with him he just sought her company and was content to have her with him. She passed away on the eve of their 69th wedding anniversary. He still pictures her in his room with him, when he rests in his armchair.
He now spends his time either listening to audio cassettes or classical music, going for his daily walk, attending the monthly quiz, reciting poetry and going out regularly with his daughter. Recently they visited Victoria Falls together by Rovos Rail. He appears content, still interested in life and is always positive. This month he will be celebrating his 97th birthday on the 22nd of August. Looking forward to celebrating with him.