Hello from Linda Bellingham


A quote I have seen says that if you don’t plan your life someone else will.


I discovered that the most important things in my life happened before I was even conscious of planning anything.


I grew up with a brother and sister. My Mother didn’t work. She was like Spar. You always knew where to find her and you always came away with more than you went for. My Father was a self-employed builder. He built some lovely houses which he designed and drew his own plans for Westville and Gillitts.


Woody Allen said that 80% of success is showing up. O went to a good school – the nearest – because my Mom didn’t drive – and was educated quite easily. I didn’t read or study much so a University pass came as quite a surprise to me. I went to University for a year without really knowing what I wanted to do. I was advised to do drama; luckily, I didn’t because who knows who I might have met and married.


Not being a reader, I soon realised that a B.A. Degree wasn’t going to happen without some effort and I wasn’t convinced that it would be worth the effort. I had a wonderful year for all the wrong reasons.


The following year I found myself in a P.T.S. class in a white uniform. I had arranged this for myself as a kind of punishment for wasting my Father’s money.


Before too long I was qualified, married and a homeowner. At this point, I became conscious of planning my life. I did the Renal course for better hours and weekends off and worked in the Renal Unit.


We started a family as did all my friends. My Husband whose work involved being away from home a lot learned the tricks of the building trade from my Father and started his own business. We decided that Kloof would be a good place to work from and raise our children in so we sold our first house and bought the cheapest one we could kind in central Kloof. We have been in that house for 30 years.


I was a stay at home Mom for 3 years when I was approached and asked if I would consider doing some relief work at Kloof Rest Home. Where is that? I asked “Mrs X”. I have worked here on and off for more than 25 years and have watched Kloof Rest Home grow into the large organisation it is now and it has watched me grow into the Grandmother that I am.


In retrospect, I think that a degree in drama might have been a good idea. All Nurses should have one. That’s me in a Nutshell – Thanks for asking