The Importance of Hobbies for Seniors


What are the keys to health and happiness? For most, the list would include a healthy diet, regular exercise, a good night’s sleep and loved ones with whom to share their lives. Hobbies, unfortunately, rarely make the list of priorities for a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that time spent pursuing hobbies and personal passions is essential for a well-rounded and satisfying life. Having hobbies and leisurely pursuits are truly important for the elderly.

Not only are hobbies fun, but they can refresh the mind, body and assist one in staying healthy, active and happy. Partaking in activities that are loved can help the elderly delay signs of mental ageing through stimulating and engaging the mind. There are many fun activities that elderly people can take part in to keep their minds sharp, bodies strong and spirits high.

Whether it’s spending time outdoors, playing games with family and friends or spending time working on a favourite hobby, doing things they love can benefit the overall well being of seniors greatly. Read on to find out about the hobbies you can introduce into your elderly loved one’s life.


Creative Arts


Georgia O’Keeffe, the famed American artist of flowers and desert landscaped painted, drew and sculpted into her 96th year, and George Burns acted and made people laugh for more than three-quarters of a century. There are many options for the elderly to partake in the creative arts. Art hobbies, whether sketching, water colouring, acting, sculpting or taking photographs, can be for individual enjoyment, gift-giving or even extra income.

Most arts and crafts activities can be modified as needed so that seniors with certain physical limitations can still enjoy a favourite pastime. Painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, photography, scrapbooking and scripted performances are some of the many ways that the elderly can channel their creativity into a hobby.


Logical Games


Many elderly people enjoy spending time playing games or working on puzzles with family and friends. There are a number of companies that offer a large selection of games and puzzles that are adapted for people who have physical limitations such as low vision or arthritis.

While many seniors enjoy traditional games like bingo or bridge, others have fun playing nostalgic board games that continue to challenge the mind. Break out one of the following well-known games when you want to liven things up; dominoes, Yahtzee, operation, trivial pursuit, scrabble and monopoly, to name a few.

Working on puzzles also keeps the mind sharp and alert, the same companies that offer adapted games for seniors also offer jigsaw puzzles with larger prints and puzzle pieces as well as crossword and word-search books printed in a bigger font.

Computer games are also another great option for those seeking logic building activities. With games like mahjong, solitaire and online bingo being clear winners, there is also a vast range of online games that can help with enhancing cognitive abilities while providing entertainment.


Social Hobbies


Social hobbies are fantastic for seniors because it opens doors for them to make friends. It’s important for the elderly to keep their social skills sharp as it helps in all other aspects of their lives. Having friends in close living quarters is important for your loved one as socialising is a wonderful way for them to spend their time.

Having a wholesome laugh and sharing enjoyable activities is an excellent way for seniors to stay actively engaged in life. Some creative ways for seniors to be social with one another is through activities like themed party days, ‘crafternoons’, poetry afternoons, sing-a-longs, BBQ’s, bingo, bus outings and general group discussions.


Outdoor Activities


Outdoor hobbies are a fantastic way for seniors to get some much needed Vitamin D while also actively enjoying themselves. Seniors who enjoy spending time outdoors may find birdwatching a fascinating and relaxing hobby. They can spot birds and identify species from the comfort of their backyard while they listen to the beautiful birds sing.

Getting seniors to partake in activities like walking, stretching and tai chi is beneficial as they all have the ability to improve flexibility and mobility. It also gets them moving and enjoying the outdoors doing something that is good for them, and fun also!

There are so many great hobbies available for seniors to throw themselves and their time into. It’s a great way to get your loved ones excited and enjoying their time. Partaking in activities that are loved can help the elderly delay signs of mental and physical ageing through stimulating and engaging the mind and body. As we can see, there are so many fun activities for the elderly to take part in to keep their minds sharp, bodies strong, and most importantly, their spirits high!


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