Dear All
We have all had to become accustomed to “new norms” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that has affected us all in one way or another. The Kloof Rest Home on Abelia Road has also suffered the unintended consequences of the pandemic.


Since the onset of COVID, we have seen the number of residents dwindle, some having left because of the restricted access of visitors, while others have lost income owing to the COVID impacted economy and have made alternative arrangements to seek relief from the financial stress of the monthly fees.

The threat of a possible COVID outbreak in care centres, has also acted as a deterrent and contributed to the reduced occupancies.

The colourful history of the home is unquestionable and its service to the community has made a significant contribution to the greater wellbeing of the Upper Highway area for 116 years.


The decline in numbers has meant that the subsidy required to keep the home open under the current circumstances has become unmanageable. Pre COVID, the monthly subsidy amounted to R125,000 per month.


In recent months, this has increased to R375,000 per month and as such is no longer sustainable. In an attempt to increase the number of residents, we recently ran an advertising campaign in the Highway area, offering discounted rates to encourage newcomers, unfortunately, this was unsuccessful and after 3-week campaign, we only had one enquiry.


In order to avoid more severe financial consequences that may impact on other facilities that fall under the auspices of the Kloof Rest Home Association, the Board of the Kloof Rest Home Association has come to the undesirable conclusion that the Kloof Rest Home in Abelia Road will be mothballed until such time as there is a recovery in the economy and that the demand for the facility increases.


Please rest assured that this action is limited to Kloof Rest Home Abelia Road and will have no impact on the Winston Park Rest Home, Vian Village or any of the retirement villages. These entities are fortunate to have been unaffected and as such, will continue to operate unchanged. We are aware of your application and this will be processed as soon as there is availability.


The Management at Kloof Retirement Villages remain committed to care for the elderly in the Highway Area and will be relentless in their pursuit in investigating more affordable ways to assist ageing members of our community.


Yours sincerely,

Selwyn Comrie
Chairman Kloof Rest Home Association