The problem

Loneliness is on the rise (especially in the current Covid pandemic), and it has been found that feeling lonely can increase a persons risk of dying by nearly 26%. It is said to be even more unhealthy that air pollutions and obesity.

The solution

Friendship helps protect the brain and body from stress, anxiety and depression. “Being around others, in essence, signals safety and security,” says Holt-Lunstad. Having friends may be at least as important as the family that you are born into! You only need between four or five close pals, and if you have ever had a good one, you know what you’re looking for.

Try to find friends  through following your passion i.e. if you are an avid reader    join a book club! Similarly if you are a gardener or enthusiastic bowler. Make friends with like-minded people.

It’s never too late to start being a better pal. The work that  you invest in friendships, both new and old    will be well worth it for both your health and happiness. 

Mandy Oaklander