A Watershed Change at Abelia Road!



Kloof Rest Home Association and Peace Cottages are delighted to announce an exciting new care development in Abelia Road



The concept of care in the Upper Highway region was first established in 1904, when the Guild of Loyal Women, established a care centre for convalescing British soldiers on the 40 Abelia Road property.

The women would take a train from Durban Station to Krantzkloof Station, with comforts for the soldiers. They would then be collected from the station and taken to St. Mary’s… the site of the current-day Kloof Rest Home. But while modes of transport may have changed – the ethos of dedicated service and professional ‘care’ continues unabated for the last 118-years. However last year under unprecedented pandemic pressure, coupled with affordability concerns – Kloof Retirement Villages were reluctantly compelled to suspend operations at their KRV Care Centre in Central Kloof (for the first time in well over a century!). The suspension was designed to allow them to source an alternative and more affordable, method of providing reliable care and comfort to seniors in the Upper Highway region.

Krantzkloof Park… their independent living facility, which was established on the same site, over 50-years ago, continues to function. But the need to restructure the care services section of the operation became clearly obvious; this strategic change was announced in the Highway Mail on the 28th of May, 2021.

Since then their executive team have been working tirelessly to come up with a solution to ensure that on an ongoing basis, affordable and specialized care is reintroduced on the estate… and they are happy to announce that this has now been achieved!

A joint venture has been entered into between themselves and Peace Cottages, whereby KRHA continues to provide independent living accommodation for seniors, on the Krantzkloof Park section of the property, while Kerry Deare, the founder/Owner of Peace Cottages, will provide specialized care.

But, additional good news is that her care model does not simply conform to the traditional format; it encompasses a range of services from an ageing-in-place model – to assisted living; to fully-fledged frail care; and even (or should that be… especially?) an advanced and palliative care model, which she has registered as a non-profit named Hillcrest Hospice – this unique range of services will provide valuable care to seniors in the Upper Highway Area.

Although in a transitional phase, applications from prospective residents are already being accepted, and the site will be fully functional by the 1st of June, 2022.

So, we are all thrilled to announce that care has once more returned to Abelia Road!